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Basilisks is a magical creature in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.


A basilisk is a creature of the darkest magic.It is placed in the Beast Category rather the Creature Category,because it can be violent.The Basilisk is basically a giant snake than can cause death by starring into your eyes.Looking at its eyes indirectly can cause petrification,not death.Its fangs are venomous and with one bite,the venom can enter your body.Within a small amount of time,the venom can be so dangerous that can kill you instantly.The Basilisk is one of the rarest creatures to find.One was located under the Girls Bathroom,at Hogwarts where Harry Potter and his chronical happened.To enter the Chamber of Secrets where the Basilisk lived,you have to only turn a faucet handle.The only known Basilisk was killed by the famous Harry Potter,when he entered the Chamber of Secrets.

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