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Chapter 3 - Dealing with Trouble is one of the Chapters in the story of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

Chapter 3 - Dealing with Trouble
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This chapter starts with two new characters being introduced - the Prefect of the house that they were sorted into and Ben Copper. The player will be asked if they want Rowan Khanna to join them for the next stage, where Merula Snyde will trick them and the player will be attacked by Devil's Snare. Rubeus Hagrid saves them, and sends them to the Flying class. If the player has not already befriended Ben Copper, they will be given another chance here.

Rowan then asks the player if they want to play gobstones. Your choices here will dictate the game's end result. Merula then finds them and reveals that some research that suggests the player's brother ran away to join the Death Eaters. The player can respond with information revealing that Merula's parents were Death Eaters, or to let it be.

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