Chapter 5 - The Duel

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Chapter 5 - The Duel
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Chapter 5 - The Duel is one of the Chapters in the story of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.


After talking to the house Prefect, you will test your newfound skills by dueling with Rowan Khanna. While dueling, you'll have three choices - Aggressive, Defensive, or Sneaky. Dueling functions somewhat like a rock/paper/scissor game, with Aggressive defeating Sneaky, Sneaky defeating Defensive, and Defensive defeating Aggressive.

Aggressive Defensive Sneaky
Aggressive Draw Loss Win
Defensive Win Draw Loss
Sneaky Loss Win Draw

When you win the duel, you and Rowan will find Merula Snyde bullying Ben Copper in the courtyard. When Merula attacks Ben with a spell, you have the choice of either attacking before Merula attacks you, or attacking after Merula atacks - essentially either attacking or defending. Once you make your choice, you will have to duel Merula. Once you beat her, professors Flitwick and Snape break up the scene, blaming the player for the duel.

Flitwick will then ask the player who began the duel. If you chose not to attack first, Flitwick will defend you. Either way, Snape will give you detention - if you attacked, for starting the duel, and if you defended, for learning unauthorized defensive magic.

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